Sports Recovery Strategies To Improve Your Performance – Part 1

30 December 2021

Ever wonder why elite athletes such as the NBA players can play 82 games in 6 months? What is their Sports Recovery Strategies.

That’s an average of almost a 40 minutes game every 2 days for 6 months! What is the secret of such elite athletes being able to push their bodies to the limit?

Even so, how can they perform at such high levels every other day without succumbing to serious injury?

Basketball Athletes

Is it because of their natural talent or intensive strength and conditioning program? Are such capabilities beyond the reach of an amateur but driven athlete?

Athletes striving to perform at high levels must push their bodies to the limit. As such they put their bodies through sessions of strength and conditioning, skills training almost every day.

Therefore, such strenuous training and sometimes gruelling competition schedules impose a tremendous amount of physical and mental stress on the athletes. 

Strenuous training and gruelling competition

If they cannot cope with the demand, fatigue and physical breakdown occur, leading to poor performance and often, injuries.

The key to Sports Recovery Strategies allowing an elite athlete, or even an amateur like myself, to push our bodies to the limit without breaking down lies in a simple yet often neglected part of the training program, sports recovery.

Sports massage therapy aim to rebalance your body and relieve aches and strains arising from related issues or repetitive strain injuries.

Sports Massage Therapy Enhances Sports Performance and Sports Recovery.

Aches and Strains, Muscle tension, stress and fatigue can affect all of us.

e.g Competitively or recreational athletes, busy housewives or stressed executives, specifically. Many of our clients’ report feeling those knots being “ironed out” post-massage.