Sports Massage For Ergonomic Aches And Pains

Benefits of sports massage, especially for sedentary people with body aches and pains

Sports massage is beneficial for everyone, as it helps by decreasing muscle tension. It arises from a wide spectrum of activities from running a marathon to sitting at your desk for the whole day with Ergonomic aches and pains. 

For a sedentary lifestyle, the tension comes from muscles being held in a lengthened, or shortened position when sitting for too long.

Benefits of Sports Massage, Especially for Sedentary People.

When sedentary, the neck and shoulders will get tired, stiff, and sometimes, painful. Sports massage body massage service helps to get rid of the aches and pains, including tiredness around the neck and shoulders.

Aches and Pain Deskbound people face

Ergonomic Aches And Pains Are Common problems that sedentary people face

1. Postural induced neck aches.

A common position that the neck is held in when working from home is the forward head posture (right). Usually, the shoulder blade and muscles behind the neck are held in a lengthened position, and the muscles in front of the neck are held in a shortened position. Sustaining this kind of posture will cause stiffness and pain around the neck over time.

Common postural induced neck pain

2. Joint Stiffness

In a forward head posture, there will be a component of joint stiffness as well. This happens as muscles cross over multiple joints in the neck. Therefore, when muscles get stiff, tension will be transferred over to the joints as well, potentially causing aches and pain. Sports Massage can help resolve neck and shoulder aches and pain.

Woman massaging rubbing stiff sore neck tensed muscles, fatigued from computer work and incorrect posture

3. Cervicogenic Headaches 

Cervicogenic headache usually presents with pain that starts from the base of the head and radiates up to the head. Compression of the structures at the base of the head is usually caused by a forward head posture and can cause symptoms to radiate up to the head.